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Seif White Summer

Seif White Summer

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    🔴 Introducing the pinnacle of sophistication and exclusivity in the realm of fashion: The Seif White Summer T-shirt. Impeccably designed for those who demand nothing short of perfection, this extraordinary garment seamlessly blends artistry, history, and unmatched quality to forge an ageless style statement.

    👁️‍🗨️ Symbolism of the Eye of Ra: At the core of this extraordinary piece lies the majestic Eye of Ra, an emblem steeped in ancient Egyptian heritage. Representing protection, royal authority, and vitality, this meticulously crafted eye graces the front of the shirt with unparalleled precision and artistry. The Eye of Ra serves as a potent symbol of your refined taste and reverence for timeless elegance.

    🌟 The Seif Brand: Proudly emblazoned on the front, the "Seif" logo embodies a dedication to excellence and sophistication. Synonymous with refinement and grace, our brand epitomizes elegance, and this limited edition Seif White Summer T-shirt exemplifies our unwavering pursuit of perfection.

    👕 Distinctive Design Elements: Setting it apart from any other item in our exclusive collection, this T-shirt features a classic neck design on the front, adding a subtle yet unmistakable touch of sophistication to your ensemble. The high-quality printing ensures that the Eye of Ra and Seif logo remain vibrant and enduring, retaining their allure over time.

    🌐 Always Available, Yet Truly Exclusive: Amidst a sea of limited editions and fleeting fashion fads, the Seif White Summer T-shirt stands alone as a timeless masterpiece. While other pieces in our collection are strictly limited, this shirt is perpetually available for purchase, making it the cornerstone of your exclusive wardrobe.

    🔢 Personalized Exclusivity: To further elevate your sense of exclusivity, each Seif White Summer T-shirt comes with a unique serial number discreetly printed. This number serves as your mark of distinction, affirming your ownership of an authentic and limited Seif creation.

    Indulge in the rare and luxurious, where history and modernity seamlessly converge. Elevate your style with the Seif White Summer T-shirt, an enduring masterpiece that embodies sophistication and exclusivity. Make a statement that transcends time and trends, and align yourself with the discerning few who choose Seif. Experience fashion that is truly legendary. 🌹


    100% Spun and combed organic cotton


    180 g/m²

    Size chart:

    XXS XS S M L
    Width (cm) 45,50 47,50 49,50 53,50 56,50
    Length (cm) 62 65 69 73 75
    Width (cm) 59,50 63,50 67,50 72,50 77,50
    Length (cm) 77 79 81 83 84





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