Shipping Policy


Netherlands - Pinnacle of Swiftness:

Indulge in the pinnacle of swiftness as Seif ensures a regal shipping experience within the Netherlands. Your order will be dispatched promptly, and we aim to have it delivered to you within a luxurious 2 working days.


Benelux Beauty:

Across the Benelux region – Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands – Seif spreads its wings to bring a touch of beauty to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the allure of Seif fashion, with orders arriving swiftly within the confines of this enchanting trio.


European Elegance:

Embark on a journey of elegance within Europe as Seif extends its shipping grace to various countries. Revel in the sophistication of our shipping services, ensuring that your Seif treasures arrive promptly and elegantly at your European destination.


Global Grandeur:

For destinations beyond Europe, Seif promises a global grandeur in shipping. Our commitment to luxury extends worldwide, reaching you with a dash of opulence within 24 working days. Regardless of your location, Seif ensures that your order arrives as a testament to our global fashion presence.


    Shipping zones


    Zone 1: Netherlands - €6.80
    Zone 2: Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg - €13.49
    Zone 3: France, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Monaco, Czech Republic, Poland - €17.95
    Zone 4: Austria, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden - €21.95
    Zone 5: Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia - €24.95
    Zone 6: Andorra, Switzerland, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino - €29,68

    **Free European shipping on orders above €150


    Zone 1: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine - €29,68
    Zone 2: Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States of America - €29,68
    Zone 3: Asia, Middle East, Oceania - €29,68
    Zone 4: Russia, South Africa, The Americas - €29,68
    Zone 5: Africa - €29,68

    **Free Worldwide shipping on orders above €250